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    Prototype map from Crisis: 1914.

    CRISIS: 1914

    Credit: Historical Research, Playtesting

    Forthcoming by Maurice Suckling.
    Art by Sydney Stojkovic.

    Negotiate the political balance of power and strive to prevent the outbreak of World War I in this upcoming board game.

    Screenshot of tutorial with the blue-skinned Guy Mitchell and paragraphs of small text floating behind him. On the brown table in front of him, piles of red, blue, yellow, and purple smiley faces and a grey analog clock.


    Credit: Writing (Character Dialogue)

    It can be tough to find love, especially in a world that takes “speed dating” all too literally. But, sometimes, there’s no other choice…

    In No Time for Love, you only have ten seconds to read and react to your potential matches’ words — or you risk losing them forever!

    Created for Ludum Dare 51.

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